About Dave


 I am 27 years old, originally from Minnesota, and have lived in Flagstaff, Arizona since 2006. 

 After graduating high school in 2005, I took a year off to have some fun and ride my bicycle across the country. It was a wonderful adventure that would ultimately result in a move to the beautiful mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona and a several-year string of backpacking trips all around North America. Accounts of these trips and experiences comprise most of this website's content.


In 2011, I returned to school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where I am currently majoring in anthropology and minoring in geology. I will graduate in May, 2015 and hope to resume adventuring shortly thereafter.



This little website is mostly a way for me to write about and share what I love. I enjoy being able to refer friends, family and folks I meet to my site: It's a fun way to share stories and photos, to stay in touch with people and to maintain a source of information that a few people might find helpful.