About Dave


David Loome (Dave) is a 25 year old backpacker originally from Stillwater, Minnesota and currently living in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. He has over 13,000 miles of personal backpacking experience including hikes of the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trails, Colorado Trail, Sierra High Route, Maah Daah Hey Trail, Long Trail, John Muir Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, Border Route Trail, as well as many long distance hikes of his own design with an emphasis on the American Southwest and Colorado Plateau.

Dave has settled on lightweight backpacking and foot travel as the best way by which he may explore, experience and absorb the nature of our remaining wild places and learn about the world at large. 

Despite being a grumpy old man at heart, Dave also enjoys writing about himself in the third person, reading, traveling, cycling, fixing things, sewing, impressions, people-watching, thrift stores, long winded tirades, trees, hats, popsicles, unusual cheeses, Thai food, Tetris, and will smell and eat questionable left-overs. Dave doesn't own a television, an iPod, or a microwave, yet is somehow a pretty happy guy.


This little website is mostly a way for me to write about and share what I love. I enjoy being able to refer friends, family and folks I meet to my site- It's a fun way to share stories and photos, to stay in touch with people and to maintain a source of information that a few people might find helpful.

Do you have any questions about places I've been or hiked? Want me to email you some maps? I'll sure help you out if it helps you get on a hike!